Summer in Rochester!

This summer has not been solely about research, of course. I have had the joy of getting to know the 17 other brilliant scholars in my cohort, and we have enjoyed our weekends exploring Rochester together. Additionally, I was lucky to be visited by family and friends along the way. Earlier in the summer I had my first encounter with a Great Lake (that wasn’t from the seat of an airplane) while spending a day at a beach on Lake Ontario. Had I not known that I was in upstate New York, I would have certainly thought to be before … Continue reading Summer in Rochester!


Most anyone having experienced symptoms associated with seasonal or chronic allergies and asthma would agree that they can be quite disruptive. With 50 million Americans suffering from allergies annually, a greater percentage of the population suffers from them than ever before. The prevalence of allergic diseases and asthma have been on the rise in Western countries for the past 50 years and show no signs of stopping. It is estimated that pediatric food allergies alone cost nearly $25 billion annually. The burden to society, and more importantly, children, cannot be understated. The Jarvinen-Seppo Lab at the University of Rochester Medical Center and Golisano Children’s … Continue reading Generalities


This summer I am a research scholar in the Strong Children’s Research Center at the University of Rochester Medical Center! I am conducting pediatric allergy and immunology research as a member of the Jarvinen-Seppo Lab. My mentor is Dr. Jarvinen-Seppo M.D., Ph.D, and her research focuses on factors affecting the development of the infant immune system and subsequent allergic disease. Feel free to follow along this summer as I share more about my research project and experiences. Continue reading Welcome!